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Roger Lee Vernon was born in Chicago August 9, 1924. He went to Steinmetz High School, then Chicago Teacher’s College (B.E.) 1946, Northwestern University (M.A. History) 1947, Loyola University of Chicago (Ph.D. History) 1971. He taught history in Chicago High Schools, Tuley (1950-1953), Roosevelt (1953-1963). He was a Chicago elementary principal Pasteur, Lee, Seward. He taught history at Northeastern Illinois State University and Loyola University of Chicago.
He is married and has four children, eleven grandchildren, and one great grandchild to date.
His Science-fiction books were The Space Frontiers, l955, Signet (The New American Library) and Robot Hunt, l958, Avalon Books. These books were widely translated and still have a small cult following.
He took early retirement to write and travel and since then he taught college history courses on several navy ships – from Air craft carriers to destroyers to cruisers to supply ships. This allowed him to go around the world several times and visit more than 100 countries. He has spent time in some of the world's trouble spots, including Viet Nam, the Near East, Russia, China, and Central America.
He spoke of having the writing disease and tended to churn out a new book each year. If no one wanted the book at once he filed it away. He said he wrote for fun and wrote what he wanted. He has written science-fiction, novels, plays, stream of consciousness, short stories, and a history of wars, 1200 pages. His agent died while he finished this last. He has had travel and educational articles published.

PS: If you look up “Space Frontiers Roger Lee Vernon” on the web, you will find he died in 1980. That is probably not true.

His present blog is: Science Fiction Roger Lee and it contains some science-fiction stories from the World of If. There is also a blog containing 'The Great Encounter' a novella.

His web site is